Clearity on Setting up Social OAuth Provider (Google)

I am new to backendless. And I am trying to use on a flutter app in android platform.
according to the sdk provider I have this code

public Future<BackendlessUser?> Backendless.userService.loginWithOauth2(authProviderCode, accessToken, fieldsMappings, stayLoggedIn)

from the console I already setup the google redirect link, client id, and secret

Now my confusion is getting the accessToken and the fieldMappings,
Is there some order steps to go this then one can get the accessToken that will be used here?

from the documentation there isn’t a detail step to go about this.
Help me out what I need to get done on the flutter sdk of backendless

Hi @Redemption_Jonathan

Welcome to the Backendless Community!

please take a look at the doc OAuth2 Login API - Backendless SDK for Flutter API Documentation

Long story short:

  • accessToken you have to get in the Flutter code using its API or any 3rd party library, since it’s a mobile app you can get it from an already installed social app

  • fieldsMappings optional parameter to define which fields mapping between social and backendless accounts