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Task: Add Object With API

Please, describe your problem here. I’ve read through the files to help with this but didn’t help. I’m trying to use Integromat to connect to backendless but can’t find the details I need to find and push data to my backendless app like URL, header content, request content, etc. Attaching picture of what my http connection option looks like and I know my app_id and api_key from backendless console but not sure if I need to do two http connections, one for backendapp init process then another with what as action ending for URL. I found this URL<application-id>/<api-key>/<operation-specific-path> but don’t know what to plug in for the last part/operation specific path as it isn’t mentioned in the help file for the crud rookie mission. I think this mission needs an overhaul to include all pertinent details for those of us who thought backendless didn’t require any coding as it seems it does here and some prerequisite knowledge. I also couldn’t figure out how to consume/import/use the library it talks about if I’m trying to use an online tool like Integromat to do the API connections found here

Hello @Dan_McDermott,

you are trying to use REST API without JS SDK, which intended to use on your client web app. If you don’t have one and would like to just make a request, you don’t need it.
In order to make API calls using third-party utilities, you need to familiarize yourself with the REST documentation.
Here it is:

And here is docs for adding object with API -

Basically your URL input should contain following url:<app-id>/<api-key>/data/Person
Where Person is a name of your table. Don’t forget to substitute your appId and API Key.
Method - POST.
No headers are required unless you want to make authorized request via user-token.
No query string required (for simple object creation)
Body type - JSON.
Body itself - your JSON object you would like to be saved (for mission task you can save simple object with property “name” with any value).

All this information can be found in our REST API docs.

You can also make test requests in admin panel under REST Console menu in specific table.
There are a lot of different options you will find there which might be interesting for you now or in future.

Please take a look at this image:

Hope I helped you.


Hello, thank you for the help. Didn’t realize I could use the Rest console to help with structuring. Still unable to get it to work though as I copied what you did but says request body is not valid when I try to click POST.

Request body should be a JSON object, here it is:
{ "name": "Joe", "age": 25 }