Clone free app to a paid plan app

I want to clone one of my free plan apps to get to a paid plan app, but retain what I have there for testing etc. I want that app to have a new name, domain and so on. Do I then have to upgrade the free app first, then clone it, then downgrade that paid app and upgrade the clone?

Or do I upgrade the free app, clone it, remove and change things up in the upgraded app, and then have the clone as a backup?

Hello @Egil_Helland

If you want to clone using the CLONE button, then yes, first you need to convert this app to paid, after that you can clone it.

However, you can also transfer the app using GENERATE ZIP:

  1. The app owner must press the GENERATE ZIP button
  2. A link to download the file will be sent to the e-mail address
  3. Download a file of the type <>. Do not rename the file, leave the name as it is!
  4. Create a new app - Create New App From ZIP Archive - select <>

If the same developer creates the archive and creates the app, then the App Owner Signature (optional) is not required. And if it will be different developers, then it will be necessary to generate the signature of the owner of the developer.

As a result, there will be a copy of the app with a new name, and if the app is created in the same cluster, there will be a new appID, if in another cluster, then the appID will be the same as in the donor app.
The same developer can create a new application from this zip in the same or another cluster.


That is SO cool! Just tried it, and have the new clone up and running on paid plan. So easy too! Love it :slight_smile: