Clone Live to Demo

Please clone droneup_live (AppId: D5AF1CB4-2698-9DDA-FF93-441EF9736A00) database to droneup_demo (AppId: C8B686C1-5814-6D8C-FFE8-131CAF4A0400). I need the data structure, permission, etc… to match live.

We will deploy our custom business logic and files as soon as this is completed.

Hello John,

so can we just drop this app C8B686C1-5814-6D8C-FFE8-131CAF4A0400 and then create new one with appId C8B686C1-5814-6D8C-FFE8-131CAF4A0400, and copy all data from D5AF1CB4-2698-9DDA-FF93-441EF9736A00 ?