Cloud Code services text boxes automatically adding back slashes in?

I am trying to use construct text block to add lots of parameters submitted into one big body, as i cant figure out how to get the body value thats sent with the API call to the backendless service.
When using green text blocks and as soon as i add in " it adds back slashes for some reason?

Compared to none.


What you’re observing is called character escaping. The double-quote character has a special meaning in URLs, JSON documents, etc. If you do not want the escaping to occur, use the following block to set the double-quote character:

Thanks for your response but the same thing where unwanted backslashes are inserted when using the double quote.

Hello @Connor_Caunt

Maybe I’m wrong, is this how you want it to be?
(without spaces btw 1 and 2024…)


Essentially yes, i just needed to define the double quotes, its okay as i have found how to submit body to the endpoints now.