Cloude code UserId is null

Dear Backendless team,

As of today (21 September 2023) in every cloude code api the userId is returned as null for some reason. Prior to today everything was working fine and no new changes were made to the codelss “code”. Could you please take a look and help me resolve this issue.


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I am encoutering the same issue. I was trying to debug it by myself, thinking there was something going on with my app. But apparently not.

This is a hugely important issue. Please solve asap !

hello @Nicolas_REMY @Evgeny_Mitko

please provide steps that shows how to reproduce the issue

I will work towards creating a test case.
However, because this has a huge impact, if you did push anything new this morning on your servers, please revert asap.
The first issue in my logs is at 2023-09-21 06:58 UTC

@Nicolas_REMY We will revert as soon as we see the issue, until we can’t revert anything

The issue is setting up a test case requires creating a frontend and a backend logic. It will take time.

Also please see this issue :

We are not the only ones.

Please try page userid on my default container, my app id is D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200

First step : click create guest user, then second step, click get user id button. It should return the id. It doesn’t.

thank you @Nicolas_REMY,

I was able to reproduce the issue, The morning release is reverted, and now everything should work fine

Thank you !

However I can’t access Backendless anymore :

@Nicolas_REMY there were additional db changes, and now It should work.

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If I may suggest, it would be nice to be notified when a rollout with such impact takes place. Indeed, we would then be alerted to monitor our logs and errors more closely than usual and alert you that something is wrong.

In this case, it looks like most of us realized this was going on after about 2 hours. Retrospectively, when analyzing my logs, it seems in this timespan I lost about 8 new user registrations, in the middle of a communications campaign to acquire them. If I estimate the acquisition cost at 6€ each, that’s about 50€ wasted :cry: Plus these users will probably never give my app a second chance. And they will also spread the word that my app doesn’t work :sob:

@Nicolas_REMY If we know about breaking changes we always notify developers. But sometimes issues are getting through our QA checks. Also, we have tens of thousands of different automated tests, which apparently not enough. Each time when the sh*t happens we do the following:

  1. get steps to reproduce
  2. revert changes
  3. create test
  4. fix the bug
  5. run tests
  6. release one more time
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Totally understand.

Now if you’re in my shoes, when I start getting error reports from users or a load of errors in the log file, one of the steps I first take is to try and determine if this is an error from my app or linked to a Backendless upgrade. Since there is nothing new posted on Release History | Backendless Backend as a Service Platform I figure it’s got to do with my app and we all lose time.

That’s why it would be nice to at least know there was a change pushed by Backendless.

Ok, we will be notifying all in slack General channel each time we change the Backendless version