CNAME connection problem

Dear Backendless Support Team,

I’ve been trying to connect a domain via CNAME. Have successfully done this multiple times with other domains.
However with this specific domain I receive variating error messages. E.g. “Can not check domain records for ‘’. DNS operation not supported [response code 4]”.

I can find the CNAME record with a tool like this: Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email
To me its seems pointing to the right backendless domain (

Would appreciate some guidance on this topic. Application ID “7BBB93AD-E0CB-429C-FF40-F91B94D68000”. This topic is not urgent, so feel free to answer urgent problems first.

Hello, @Anton_Henkelmann1

I just tried to add your domain in your app and I got no errors.
Could you check if the custom domain is created correctly and make changes if needed?

Whatever you’ve done. It worked! Thank you very much for the fast help :slight_smile: