code":14002,"message":"Service method not found"


I get a code 14002 on a page where i am using an API service.
Strange thing is that i have a similar page which is working correctly.

See here the parameters:

Sometimes i can go through the filters and it is filtering correctly, then all of a sudden the screen freezes. Some filters immediately freeze, all the filters are using the same API service.

Can you please have a look in the application?

Name of the page is testpagepldossieroverzicht

Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

We’ll investigate this issue as soon as possible.
But could you please provide the API service name and the steps to reproduce this issue on the testpagepldossieroverzicht page?


Hi Olha,

API service name: image

user Lo003
pw 3333


When you click on any of the 4 filters on the right of the screen, it freezes immediately

The two left Activity and name you can sometimes use a couple of times and then it freezes.

Another question - how can we access the testpagepldossieroverzicht page?
When trying to open it as preview, several errors occur. As I assume some data should come from the previous pages?

Hi Olha,

You can access the page through the Lorio container image

You can then use username Lo003 pw 3333.
at the first screen you see the button at the bottom:image

Thank you for details. We are looking into this issue.

We checked the testpagepldossieroverzicht page and unfortunately we cannot reproduce the Service method not found issue. The issue we faced seems to be related to code looping - everything freezes because of some issue in logic. Unfortunately we cannot help you with logic, but we would be glad to help you if you could reproduce the Service method not found issue on other page with minimum components and additional logic.

OK, thank you for checking.