Code Generator

Using the new code generator, if I choose IOS then select user/login selection and and both options for video streaming it only creates the code for the user aspect and does not intergrate the video streaming into the sample code. Are there steps that need to be taken for all the code to be created?

Hy Dylan,

When you select the “video broadcaster” and/or “video-on-demand viewer” options, Backendless generates a separate project included into the zip file. The project is at /VideoService/VideoService.xcodeproj"

Do you see that file/directory in the generated zip file?


When all the options where checked for user/login/registration as well as the videoservices the generator only created the user aspect of the project and the other files where not generator nor located in the zip file.

Could you please let me know you application id? (From the Manage > App Settings screen)


Thank you for all your help.

I have code generation for your application like you described and got zip with user example and video example

hi! I can`t download code generation for iOS, could u help me to solve this problem plz