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Codeless API Services Changes gone

Hello Support,

I did some changes yesterday on our Codeless API Services, but it seems to be gone today.

I have checked changelog section and it seems last recorded data/snapshot no longer there.

Is there anyway you can revert it to yesterday’s changes? Changes date was 10/15/2020.

Here is the url of the app we are working:

Services is under “Conversations” then method name is Post_Conversations:

Also, it seems this service is also misbehaving: it is showing wrong snapshots but is currently executing correctly.

Services is under “Users” then method name is Blocked_Users:

it is showing empty blocks:

server model is also showing empty.

yet is still working good.

I am not sure why it is happening but we need it to display its original blocks/model

We also can’t locate how to securely create backup for Codeless APIs. We have tried importing zip file downloaded from here:


Then tried uploading it here:

But it seems to be not working. Do you have any recommendation on how we can safely create backups for Codeless API Services? The changelog feature is good, but base on what we experience, it is not that reliable since most of our changes are gone. Like the issues above. Current export and importing of the app also doesn’t include “Business Logics”

This locked feature on screenshots are not working as well.

We have chosen Backendless due to the Codeless API and other interesting feature but as of now, we are currently doesn’t feel comfortable using it due to these bugs that we encounters.

Hope you can help us with these issues where having.


Hello @jaypee_peros

Please, provide your APP-ID.


Here is my App ID: 5FA84990-4C00-8598-FFA4-D59E9A294900

Thanks. We will investigate your problem and notify you of the result. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @jaypee_peros

The Codeless Changelog keeps data in your browser LocalStorage, so if you clear it the changes (local/not deployed) will be gone, or if you open your app in another web-browser or on another PC you will not be able to see it.

On your screenshot, you just download a client SDK not source codeless, so you can not just import it back

To backup your codeless logic you can backup the “DRAFT” directory

Regards, Vlad

Hello Vladmir,

Thank you for your response. We are still new to Backendless, do you have guides or links on how to create backup of the codeless logic.

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi Jaypee,

Perhaps you missed it in Vladimir’s response. He provided the instruction for backing up the codeless logic here: