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Codeless Block - Can't "Load Object Relations" for 1:1 related object

Hi I was successfully able to use the following “Load Object Relations” block to input the “parent object id” for a parent Company Table called “tbCompany” which loads “relation name” child objects like company contact info.

However I can’t get this to work for a 1:1 related table called “tbCompanyVerbage” with what looks like a “parent type” relationship called “relation11c” pointing back to “tbCompany” eventhough it’s supposed to be a 1:1 and not a 1:N.

Remember I currently only have the objectId for “tbCompany”

Unfortunately trying to use the the following “Get Object By Id” with an included “relations name” declaration doesn’t seem to work either.

Bottom line… how do I use a data block which will query a 1:1 related “child object ID” to get a property from the corresponding parent table?

Thanks for your help!

Hello, @William_Lee.

I was unable to reproduce your problem. Could you please describe the exact “steps to reproduce”?
Try setting property “relationDepth” = 2

Best regards, Nikita.

If I only have an objectId for “tbCompany” how do I access related objects in the “relation11c” column highlighted here in the image?

I can use the “Load Object Relations” block to access any related objects in “relation1Ma”, “relation1Mb”, and “relation1Mc” but not for “relation11c”.

Is there a way to use the “Get Object By Id” block to do it?

Thanks… hopefully this post will make the problem clearer.

Hi William,

In your screenshot you circled an incoming relation from the tbCompanyVerbage table. The relation11c column is declared there. With that being said, could you please rephrase what you need to load?


In the image “var_list_contacts” successfully loads child objects from the “Load Object Relations” block with the relation name “relation1Ma”

I wanted to know if there was a way to use this same block or the other “Get Object By Id” block to pull a related record that instead has a 1:1 relationship between the tables “tbCompany” and “tbCompanyVerbage” where that relationship is labeled tbCompanyVerbage(relation11c) on the schema image below.


I ended up just creating a View that joins these 2 tables together and I assigned to the list variable called “var_list_details” in the first image above. This seems to do what I need instead for now. Thanks!

Hello, @William_Lee

I hope I understood you correctly
You have objectId for object (call it “X”) in tbCompany, and you want to get object which related to the “X”

For this case you can use Load Table Object and where clause llike:


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Thanks Victor for reminding me of that notation. I just needed to delete the open and closing parens… () and it worked.