Codeless: Blocks in function gone!

Occasionally in the codeless editor some blocks were missing in my functions and handlers, especially after Backendless updates. Now, I recently opened a function in my app and wanted to add again missing blocks, but now when I inserted a “not” block, the whole function was deleted… all blocks are missing.

Is there any method to get it back? I did not deploy yet. Do you have a code management in the background? it was a quite long function and I did not everything myself, so I don’t know how it was completely build!

This is a big problem for me…

Hi Jonas

Could you provide your AppId please, and provide what methods are missed.
If you did not deployed the changes yet, you can clean up Browser’s LocalStorage, but it will remove all the local changes

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,
my application ID is: 63087FF7-7E1D-973D-FF3B-D5F0740FA100
and the missing function is called “AddEventToUserNotifications”

Thanks for looking after the problem

I see that your function “AddEventToUserNotifications” is quite full,
do you have any local changes apart from the function? if no, try to clean up your LocalStorage.

After cleaning my local browser cache, I see it full also Puh
But there are again some blocks missing in the function. All the if blocks are empty. (Not a big problem, will fix that now).

But why are there after every Backendless update blocks missing? Thats horrible to fix that every time I want to edit my codeless functions.</img>

we did not do any changes/fix in Codeless the last time which could affect to your logic,
it may be something else

what were blocks before removing?

All the custom functions logic is described in source xml files, and when you click to “SAVE” button the files will be updated with current logic representation, so if you did not save it after removing the blocks the source xml should be valid, but I don’t see any connected blocks to “if/or” blocks

Thats exactly the problem, that some blocks disappear and nothing helps…
At the if blocks there were originally equal blocks and typeof block. One time, also “Throw error” and all connected blocks were missing.

Maybe I can notify you when that happens again and you can have a look before I change anything to the functions.

Could that in any case be related to the browser I’m using (Firefox)?

yeah, it will really help us to find out what exactly happened with logic and solve the problem.

so, may I mark the topic as “Answered” ?

Yes, mark it as Answered. The best tip was clearing the cache, so I got the little buggy version back I can fix now :slight_smile: