Codeless: Code generation issues

Hi all,

I think i’ve run into a few other bugs while testing codeless:

I am trying to create / register a new user via a codeless method, so I go to use the “Save User” block, since there is no registration one, like so:</img>

Behind the scenes, it looks like the code has been generated to actually do an update, which could explain why I get the following error when I invoke the method? :

Error 3057 Could not find user by id or identity</img>

Since this should be an insert, and not an update, I’m assuming this is the bug?

I also noticed if you attempt to use the “Delete Table Object” block in the Data API, it will actually translate to a save in the code, which I assume is also not correct (since on invocation, the object is indeed not deleted).</img>



Remove user block also seems to have an issue with Try / catch blocks, where the code is generated in the wrong spot:</img>

No matter what I do, the code for the user delete block is placed at the end of the function in the code window.</img>

If I move the block outside of the try / catch, it will attach to the correct place in the code, but there seems to be some kind of weird parse / generation issue:</img>

On top of that, once this error workflow is met, any changes to ANY other logic / blocks are no longer reflected in the code window, meaning changes are not saved.

It also seems to be isolated to just the Remove User block where as soon as I delete it from the code designer window, everything starts working again as I make changes.




Hi Renato,

Thank you for your feedback,
Yes, we able to reproduce these problems and I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-15527 for fix it.
We’ll inform you when it fixed.

Regards, Vlad

We’ve fixed it, you can get the fix with the next release

Regards, Vlad

Fantastic! Thanks Vlad.

Hi Renato

We’ve released the fix just now

Regards, Vlad