Codeless Console Not Appearing

I watched a tutorial from Mark and I’m very excited about this feature! Sadly, when I tried to demo it, I was unable. The editing view does not appear properly. Below is a screenshot of what I see when I try to edit, after creating an event.</img>
Hope you can help. Great work on this feature, very cool once this is fixed.


Hi Cooper

It’s in Safari browser, right?
We are working on it now, and we notify you when it fixed

internal ticket BKNDLSS-15518

Regards, Vlad

It is in Safari. Thanks a lot!

I’m getting the same problem in Google Chrome, by the way.

Hi Cooper,

What OS are you on?


I’m on MacOS Sierra

Version 10.12.5

We’ve fixed it, and we will release it asap

Regards, Vlad

The fix is now available on the server. Cooper, could you please check if it works for you?


Great! It works now! Thanks, guys.