Codeless GET -> Save to DB Logic

I am just starting with Backendless and have a query with regard to how to take a list returned by a GET to an external API and save this to individual records in a table.

I am assuming that I do the following (right to left):

  • Issue a GET call to the API
  • Get a property of the result
  • Save the property to a list

See this pic: Codeless Snippet

What I think I need next is to use some sort of “For each item in the list” block to feed into a “Save Object in Backendless” block (or maybe instead used the Bulk Create Block), but I can’t find anything like this in the Lists section. I also couldn’t find any examples in the docs or videos.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Yes, its real.
You can create many objects in your data table with Codeless block ‘Bulk create’.
Below you can see a example of usage this block

Your table must have same column as property in your answer.

‘results’ property of request answer(list):


Thanks Dima. That worked perfectly!

I have another related question. I have now implemented a GET with paging of data - see pic here: Codeless paging

This test runs on a single endpoint and downloads six pages (< 300 records), and takes almost 8 seconds. My use case would be to download a lot of data from several endpoints for new user accounts, and then follow up with very small updates every 15 minutes. Would this work OK with Backendless or do I need to approach it a different way? I’m guessing it would time out doing it this way.

So to summarise, would Backendless be suitable for large data downloads, and if so, what is the best general approach for this?

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You can add logging before and after each request, to understand why your calls going so long. Probably this may be due to a third-party API.
Too we have a product Expanded script/code execution time (20 sec)