Codeless HTTPs block doesn't allow special characters


I’m trying to build with Codeless a Telegram bot that send messages to a group with formatted text.

The logic works fine with normal letters. However, when the table variable has special character (like ñ), it just throws an error. I’m assuming it has to do with the encoding Backendless uses. The variable comes from a database that I have, which can contain special characters. How can I solve this? Thanks.

Hi. I’ve created the inner task for investigation.

Could you also provide the appid and the name of the service which we can play with for receiving the error you are described.

Also as i understood, you try to create the request path with the special characters which should be encoded/decoded to meet the http spec, right? Thus you have to convert them.

Try to experiment with the codless block Backendless -> Network API -> Encode URI