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Codeless - parsing html page in a get request

(Alexander Izrailov) #1

can anyone explain how to use codeless as the service itself is a bit not friendly and the docs is pretty much not helpful. i’m looking to create a function that is a get request to a web page and extract from it one specific value… how can i approach that specific value without parsing capabilities in the codeless service? the only way i have in mind is to write the code which is the exact opposite to the codeless service idea. thanks

(Mark Piller) #2


The best way to understand how to build a codeless service is by going through the quick start guide:

Have you done that yet?


(Alexander Izrailov) #3

Hello @mark-piller,

Thanks for the response.
I can assure you that i went through the documentation and read how to use the codeless service top to bottom and vise versa. my question was not on how to understand the service but rather how to make use of it to a particular task. I found that all the http get request consist of a json response which is where the problem araises because i want to get the entire html webpage

I can write the code for this task but i am looking into morphing to the codeless environment.


(Mark Piller) #4

If your task is to parse HTML content, you’d be better of doing that with custom server code rather than codeless. In the backendless environment that can be done either with JS or with Java. The reason I suggest this is because both JS and Java have much better parsing capabilities (mostly implemented with 3rd party libraries such as jsoup, than doing something like this with the constructs available on codeless.


(Alexander Izrailov) #5

I understand. This is exactly what i have actually in java format using jsoup.