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Codeless Pub/Sub API block - access to publisherId property

Is it possible to add publisherId field to the codeless pub/sub API block, as I am saving the messages to a table, but would like the publisherId.

Also is there anyway to also capture the channel-name?

Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 20.37.36


Hello @Farid

We will discuss with team about adding add publisherId field to the codeless pub/sub API block.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question about “capture the channel-name”. Could you please describe the problem in more detail?

Regard, Viktor

Hi @viktor.liablin,

I also wanted to store the channel-name in the database, but I could not find the actual channel-name in any of the request blocks.



If I understand correctly chanel name are added manually in field. Can you save it in store?

Regard, Viktor

Yes, channel name is added when the message is published. I am using an after event handler to save the message and it’s associated properties, but cannot access the channel name with the blocks in the event handler call.

Was hoping I could access the channel name in the event handler?


Hi @Farid,

unfortunately, in the event handler, there really is no way to get the channel name from the event context. At least for now. We will discuss with the team the possibility of adding this information to context.

So far, I can suggest you a workaround on how to get the channel name.
You can pass the channel name in the header when publishing a message.
You can get headers in the event handler, and there will also be your custom header with the name of the channel.


@stanislaw.grin, Thanks will use the workaround