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Codeless: Request object property not saving

(Renato N) #1

I’ve been doing some more testing with codeless, and I think I hit a bug with the “Get Request Object Property” block when creating an event:

For example, I selected that block, plugged it into my logic, and selected the “Street_Address” parameter that I want, from the drop down list of available options.</img>
We can also see that the code reflects this:</img>

Now when I save or deploy (both display the same behavior) and then come back into the codeless editor again, the block resets to the default “ownerId” attribute and the code also reflects that.</img>





(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Renato,

When you say “then come back into the codeless editor again”, what were the steps after you saved/deployed your event handler and before you came back there?


(Renato N) #3

I tried a few workflows:

Scenario A

  1. Modify Logic
  2. Save / Deploy
  3. Move to somewhere else in console (say, by clicking data icon to navigate to my data tables)
  4. Click BL in sidebar, navigate back to the same event
  5. Observe that it’s reset

Scenario B

  1. Modify Logic
  2. Save / Deploy
  3. Click into any other service / event in the explorer (right hand folder menu in the codeless designer)
  4. Click back to my same event, in the codelss designer explorer
  5. Observe that it’s also reset

In the meantime, I was able to get the code to commit by using this workaround:</img>


(Mark Piller) #4

Thanks, Renato. I was able to reproduce the problem. We will get it fixed asap.


(Renato N) #5

Thank you guys!

(Vladimir Upirov) #6

Hi Renato

We’ve fixed the problem and we will release it asap

Regards, Vlad

(Vladimir Upirov) #7

Hi Renato

We’ve released the fix just now

Regards, Vlad