Codeless Sample App: InstagramLess - clone does not run (live app does work)

Create a new app
Chose to use Insta Clone as a template
Publish and run the app OR preview app
Create a user
Attempt to login
Nothing happens, no errors on the console or network tabs.

Hello @Anonymous_Anonymous4

Thank you for your report, we are looking into it, the ticket’s number is BKNDLSS-23708

Regards, Vlad


Earlier the Button component has submit type by default and a simple button was always triggering the submit event for a form

For example, you have a form with two buttons and you expected that:

  1. Submit - should submit a form
  2. Go Back - should just go to the previous page

But, in the previous implementation both of these buttons trigger the submit event

So, we fixed it recently, and now to submit the form by clicking at the button or typing the Enter key on Input you have to change the button behaviour from default to submit

And we will fix this in our Blueprint apps asap

Regards, Vlad

That fixed the issue.