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Codeless sometimes does not work correctly

(Evgeny Tishkin) #1


Faced such a problem. Sometimes, whole functions disappear in Codeless, and this is not the first time I come across this.

I made changes to one function, then saved it. Switched to another function. But instead of it, there was the first function that I saved before, i.e. Codeless duplicated the first function.

I cannot return the original state. But in the files I found the source code of the function that was overwritten. And he is correct. Question. How can I return a function that has disappeared? Function is not big, I can rewrite it, but check please why such failures occur.


(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hello Evgeny

If you didn’t save the wrong changes you can reset localStorage and refresh browser page, all the Codeless changes are stored in browser’s localStorage.

Could you please provide your appId and I will try to reproduce the problem
Regards, Vlad

(Evgeny Tishkin) #3

Hello, Vlad! Yes, resetting local data solved the problem, I restored the function to its previous state, thanks.

Our application id is A90AE9A8-D354-F756-FF4C-CC5CD96FD100