CodeRunner error

I have compiled the Shopping Cart demo project with JDK 17 and I am now using Intellij. I am getting the following error in the DependencyAnalyzer:

Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005

15:21:16.200 [INFO] c.b.c.CodeRunnerLoader |main| Local Date and Time: 2022-10-27T15:21:16.200009

15:21:16.203 [INFO] c.b.c.CodeRunnerLoader |main| JDK from “JAVA_HOME” - /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/zulu-17.jdk/Contents/Home

15:21:16.235 [INFO] c.b.c.CommandLineProcessor |main| CodeRunner™ Backendless Debugging Utility

15:21:16.235 [INFO] c.b.c.CommandLineProcessor |main| Copyright(C) 2022 Backendless Corp. All rights reserved.

15:21:16.235 [INFO] c.b.c.CommandLineProcessor |main| Build date: 2022-10-18T08:56:12Z


Build id: 231785

VCS revision: 80a3c7dd760bdf8257341a50873883c8f1340deb

15:21:16.236 [INFO] c.b.c.CommandLineProcessor |main| CodeRunner session is running for 2 hours and will be terminated on 17:21:16.235917[UTC]

WARNING: A terminally deprecated method in java.lang.System has been called

WARNING: System::setSecurityManager has been called by (file:/Users/markcockfield/Documents/Java%20Projects/HigherEndeavors/bin/CodeRunner.jar)

WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of

WARNING: System::setSecurityManager will be removed in a future release

15:21:16.248 [INFO] c.b.h.HealthCheckHttpServer |main| Management port is absent, management server not started

15:21:16.248 [INFO] c.b.coderunner.LocalCodeRunner |main| Registering runner on: ‘

15:21:16.248 [INFO] c.b.coderunner.LocalCodeRunner |main| Application ID: ‘37B8EF14-4D27-3C92-FF0A-56344F814500’

15:21:16.248 [INFO] c.b.coderunner.LocalCodeRunner |main| Api key: ‘731A3B16-8B95-4211-990C-C03ACEBEF4BB’

15:21:17.233 [INFO] c.b.coderunner.LocalCodeRunner |main| Runner successfully registered

15:21:17.237 [INFO] c.b.c.parser.EventModelParser |main| Parsing event model…

15:21:17.445 [INFO] c.b.c.runtime.ServiceParser |main| Path to jar file: ‘…/libs/servlet-api-2.5.jar’

15:21:17.446 [INFO] c.b.c.runtime.ServiceParser |main| Path to jar file: ‘…/libs/backendless.jar’

15:21:17.446 [INFO] c.b.c.runtime.ServiceParser |main| In target directory ‘…/libs’ present 2 jar files

15:21:17.446 [INFO] c.b.c.r.t.CustomServiceParserTask |main| Service classes size from libs: 0

15:21:17.447 [INFO] c.b.c.r.t.CustomServiceParserTask |main| Service classes size from classes: 2

15:21:17.448 [INFO] c.b.c.r.t.CustomServiceParserTask |main| Run dependency analyzer for app: 37B8EF14-4D27-3C92-FF0A-56344F814500

ClassPath: /Users/markcockfield/Documents/Java Projects/HigherEndeavors/libs/servlet-api-2.5.jar:/Users/markcockfield/Documents/Java Projects/HigherEndeavors/libs/backendless.jar

15:21:17.448 [INFO] DependencyAnalyzer |main| Analyze service:

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class com.backendless.coderunner.runtime.DependencyAnalyzer (in unnamed module @0xf6efaab) cannot access class (in module jdk.jdeps) because module jdk.jdeps does not export to unnamed module @0xf6efaab

at com.backendless.coderunner.runtime.DependencyAnalyzer.analyze(

at com.backendless.coderunner.runtime.task.CustomServiceParserTask.lambda$parse$0(

at java.base/java.util.ArrayList.forEach(

at com.backendless.coderunner.runtime.task.CustomServiceParserTask.parse(

at com.backendless.coderunner.parser.DebugHostedServiceParser.parseServiceModel(


at com.backendless.coderunner.debugger.InstructionsFetcher.executeCommandSafe(

at com.backendless.coderunner.LocalCodeRunner.listenForServiceMessages(

at com.backendless.coderunner.CodeRunnerLoader.launch(

at com.backendless.coderunner.CodeRunnerLoader.main(

Hi, @Mark_Cockfield

We are sorry for the inconvenience. An internal ticket was created on this issue - BKNDLSS-30253. Our developer will look into the issue as soon as possible.


@Mark_Cockfield, we have already prepared a fix, it will be available in the next release. To get rid of the problem at this moment, please make the following changes:

  1. Open the file in the tree of the project;
  2. Replace the 61 line from this one:

TO these two lines:

--add-opens jdk.jdeps/"
  1. Build the project;

The error will be fixed after that. Please let us know if this does not help you.


Yep, that did it. Thanks!!