CodeRunner with custom services - no code, which can be deployed

I did everything according to the instructions in the video, but СodeRunner can not see my service.
See screenshot:</img>

All are fully working when loading jar on webpage.

What coderunner version are you using? You can find it in coderunner start logs.


Version: 3.0.19 Build date: 20160613-1132

It’s outdated, make sure to use version: 3.0.22 Build date: 20160919-0918.
The easiest way is to generate BL project directly from Backendless Application console. Just navigate to tab “Business logic”, switch to any “handler” or “code block” section and click “Download”.
Archive would contain latest Coderunner automatically.

Okey… Version: 3.0.22 Build date: 20160919-0918
The same behaviour: “There is no code, which can be deployed to Backendless.”

We cannot reproduce your issue.
Please, zip your project ( all together with bin, libs, classes etc ) and send us to with link to this topic.
Thank you!

I sent.

Thank you for sharing!

But still I cannot reproduce the issue:
Make sure that you’ve recompiled your code after upgrading Coderunner, and .class files are presented in “classes/” folder.

Не понимаю тогда в чем дело. Таймер видит, работает с ним, позволяет дебажить, а сервис не видит, хотя они лежат в одном пэкэдже. Если убрать таймер (как в случае с примером отправленным вам), то пишет “There is no code, which can be deployed to Backendless.”
Полностью удалял bin, удалял classes, всё билдил по несколько раз. В чем может быть еще проблема, что посоветуете еще сделать/проверить?

For the benefit of other users, please stick to English.


Okey, i’m sorry. Translation below.

I do not understand then what happens. CodeRunner works with timers (“0 events 1 timers”), allowing to debug, but the service does not working, even though they belong to the same package. If I remove the timer (as in the case of the example sent to you), then occurs error “There is no code, which can be deployed to Backendless.”

I already tried: completely remove the bin folder, delete classes with folder, everything builds on several occasions.

What else can I do to solve the problem?

What OS are you on? We verified the archive you sent on Mac OS.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 with all available updates.

Ok, lets try the following.

In clean generated BL project, created as I’ve described a few posts above, create new package “services” near “models”, and put there class with easy code like this:

import com.backendless.servercode.IBackendlessService;
public class MyService implements IBackendlessService
public static boolean getTrue()
return true;

Then build project and try to deploy/debug it.
Notify us about result please.
Thank you for patience,

I did everything you said. But CodeRunner still works only with handlers and timers…

Hello Handy

We’ve created internal ticket BKNDLSS-13311 to investigate your issue. We’ll notify you as soon as we get any results.

Regards Anton

I’m sorry, but it’s very difficult to debug code without debug :frowning: May be you have some good news about my problem?