Collapsible Panel plugin cutting off some content

Does Collapsible Panel have a max size? I have a collapsible panel that is cutting off some of my content.

The first thing I did was add a block to the collapsible panel and all content is contained in that block.
I added a border to show the issue.

here is the upper part of the panel

here is the lower part

here you can see the border runs underneath two data-grids that are not shown. There is no scroll bar either so no way to see the data_grids.

here are the block settings just in case you need it.

Thanks for your time,

Hello @hharrington

It is not possible to determine the problem from the information provided. It is not clear which block settings you show. Please provide us with a link to the page so that we can paly with it.


no problem
app id 9359F741-6D5D-AEF2-FF22-4834A2050400
container default
page: collapsible_panel_test

I have one panel with 3 data tables and the third one is cut off.


Hello @hharrington

Content for Collapsible panel is limited by default(1000px). You could increase it using less variable:

@bl-customComponent-collapsiblePanel-content-open-maxHeight: 3000px

Regards, Dima.

Thanks, where would I add that? I’ve not done this before.


Here you can find a detailed guide about how to work with custom styles and variables

thanks for your help, that did the trick.