Color Picker showing error

Hi team,
I am getting the below error when taking color inputs from a user through ‘Color Picker’. How can I prevent this from happening

“Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener invocation.”


hello @Vishal_Lodhi

how we can reproduce the issue?

You can try this: put a ‘Color Picker’ and data bind its value to a text content. then try and select colors on output screen you will be able to see the errors. Sharing an example image


sorry but we can not reproduce the issue

is there any additional steps ?

Sharing the steps that I have been following on the UI builder in the attached file.
Not sure what could be the reason for the error
steps followed.docx (106.1 KB)

Hello @Vishal_Lodhi

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem with the steps you provided. I assume that there is some other logic to it.
I also want to emphasize that the value of color is not recorded anywhere. You need to set this property to PageData in order for it to be displayed.