Column 'created' in order clause is ambiguous

Suddenly I get this error when I call Find…


Could it be this error again?

Hi all,
I also have the same problem.

Hi guys,
We are working on this issue. It will be fixed in couple hours.

Hello all.

Try again please, we’ve made a fix.

Hi, works good for me again, thanks

The problem has been resolved,thanks

YES! Fixed! Thanks.

Hey, I’m getting same problem with js
I’m trying to create whereclause, I use two different relational variables, both point on the same table
it looks something similar to this, where variableA and variableB are in table1 and both point to table2:
…setWhereClause(“variableA.colA = 4 AND variableB.colA = 3”)
then later I use the query in a find function, on table1
the error message says Column ‘colA’ is clause is ambigious

Could you provide the following:

  1. exact where clause (if it is actually any different than what you posted)
  2. table name where you send that query to
  3. your application ID

table name: Ride
app id: 5FB0EA72-A363-4451-FFA5-A56F031D6600

equivalent query in js:

var point1 = 'POINT(35.4835902 33.3771898)';
var point2 = 'POINT(35.5017767 33.8937913)';
var whereClause = "distanceOnSphere(from_id.position,'" +  point1 + "') <= 1000 AND distanceOnSphere(to_id.position,'" +  point2 + "') <= 1000";
var queryBuilder = Backendless.DataQueryBuilder.create().setWhereClause(whereClause);
return Ride.find(queryBuilder);

Interesting… I see that each part of the where clause (to the right and to the left of AND) works fine, it is when they are combined together, there is an error. I’ll need to escalate it to the product team to investigate further.

For tracking purposes the internal ticket is BKNDLSS-21843

Yes! I can tell the backendless is joining Location table twice with Ride table, so we get redundant column name and then the problem occurs.

thanks for quick reply and will track the issue.

Hello, I didn’t receive any notification on the ticket you mentioned yet, is there any news?

We are working on it. We will update this support topic when a fix is available.


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Hello @Pick_App

We’ve released the new version of Backendless.
Please, could you confirm that this issue doesn’t appear?


Hello @Inna_Shkolnaya

Great! it works now, thank you.