Column Filter Entire Table Instead of Only Page


I’ve followed this arcade and guide at length:

Screenshots of my codeless are attached. I needed to apply a relations depth and sort but the pagination and everything from the arcade is working fine. My challenge is that the column filters appear to apply only to the data shown on the page, rather than to all of the data in the table as expected. I suspect this is because the tableData (countryData in the arcade) is only being passed for one page at a time. However, I can’t quite see how to make all of the data available to the table for the filter without breaking the pagination. Can you advise?


Hi @James_Hereford

I’d like to clarify. The issue is that you want when applying a filter, the filtering takes place on a table from the database?

Hi Zahar, that is correct. If you follow the arcade you all provided the result seems to be that the column filter only applies to the data of the page that is being shown. The expected behavior is that the column filter will apply to all of the data in the entire table and override the pagination.

Currently, there is no such possibility in the Data Grid, but I have created a ticket to add an event that will help filter the data in the database table. We will let you know when this is implemented.


Thank you! FYI this relates to the other query about maximum page size, which could be an easy way to achieve the desired functionality.