Comma separated values into checkbox


I am trying to fill checkbox selected states from a data field which is comma separated.
I think i need to use the Checked State Logic in order to get this done but i do not succeed.

Can you give me a pointer into how this can be achieved?

Can you provide some sample data and describe it’s meaning?

Hi Mark,

I have a register page which is using the checkbox to store the data.

On page enter:

Logic to store the data in the listcat property:

In the end i save the object in Backendless in the table.
That is the registration part and that is all working correctly.

Now i need to give the users the possibility to change the values of the registrations they have done before.
So now i need to be able to work both ways, when i open the page the values stored in the table (comma separated) need to mark the selected checkboxes AND i need to be able to add or remove as they do when registering.

This means you need to add logic to:

  1. Load data
  2. Parse data
  3. Initialize check boxes based on the parsed data

Hello Mark,

I am getting close, when i do this:



However i need to get multiple results, i now have comma separated results when i use this codeblock:
result A, result B

Is there a block where i can do LIKE instead of = (equal to) ?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux!

In your example, you return an array and you can loop through it and do a comparison with each element. You can also use RegExp: