Comment drafts are discarded when window is scrolled

I just noticed a bug that could be frustrating for users sharing comments in the Missions sidebar.

If you are drafting a comment, but haven’t posted it yet, and you scroll the comment section to review the information others have posted, when you return to your draft you will find it has disappeared!

Here’s an animated GIF to illustrate:


There are presently two inputs where a user can type a comment.

It seems the bug only occurs if text is typed into the comment field at the bottom of the window, not the one at the top. If it is not really beneficial to have both, an easy fix could be to remove the bottom one. :slight_smile:

Note also, that the two text fields are linked in such a way that any input of text to the bottom one erases any text that was present in the top one as well.

Hi. Thank you for the video :wink:
Really, it shouldn’t be like that. We’ll fix it.

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