Complex Editable Data Tables

Hey there,

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I haven’t found anything yet. Currently, it looks like I have two options for out-of-the-box table elements in UI Builder: “Data Table”, which allows me to edit / add / delete, but does NOT display information related to another table, or creating a “View Data Grid”, by first creating a view, which does NOT allow any edits to be made, but /does/ allow the user to see related tables in other data.

For example. I have a table called Widget, and one of its columns is an entry from the Manufacturer table. Using a Data Table, I would be able to see all my Widgets, but not the Manufacturer. Using a View Data Grid, I would be able to configure a view to show the data for each row, but would not be able to edit it (say, to choose a different manufacturer.)

Assuming that I have this correct, what would be the best way to configure a screen that had the best of both worlds? I need to be able to add / edit / delete from this table, and I need to be able to see all elements in it. Is this possible with backendless components, or is this something that needs to be created from scratch?



I have the same need and am interested to hear the answer. Thanks!

Yeah, this is kind of necessary for data manipulation - it looks like the price of including all the information I want per row is to give up the possibility of editing… I can’t see a hook to get an individual row to open up an edit dialog in the View Data Grid. The Data Grid, on the other hand, can’t display all the information I need per row, but has lots of functionality.

I’m hoping there’s some obvious solution I can’t see short of building my own table.

We discuss about possible solutions.
For now I can suggest the following workaround:
to create an onClick handler for specific row cell that clicking on it resulted in appearing new Data Grid with the data from other table (and new Data Grid will be based on a chosen cell).