Componen list missing from codeless block

Hello, I was “coding”, and I receive a “Local storage full” message, I erased the folder with the trash icon after reading that from a solution in the forum, but right after that, from the block “Component with ID:” I only have one item in the list of components. Did I do something wrong, erasing the local storage?

This happens in any event handler from the page I’m currently working, but do not happen in other pages in the same container nor the pages in other containers.


Hello @giovanny_padilla

Could you please tell me on what page it happened?

Regards, Dima.

I am checked your issue, but that didn’t happen for me.

Could you provide more info about it? Page, block, handler where it happens.
Perhaps you know how to reproduce that? Also would be helpful if you describe what you have and what you expect in this situation.

Regards, Dima

Hello Dima

I have a page where the user is going to say if he likes or dislikes a recipe, so I have a thumb up icon which will be used to indicate if it is liked. So in the handler “On click event” I have this simple code (it will be in a condition, but I’m trying to make this example simple). If the icon is clicked some other block should be hidden, but the “toggle component visibility” block only offers me one component, and normally it shows a list of all components I have in my page. That same thing haven with other blocks from the ui library.

I tried unsuccessfully to fix this by reloading the page, login out and login in, clearing the cache of my browser, deleting all the handlers and redoing all, I created a copy of the page, and my last option was to do the page from scratch and this time I could not reproduce the problem because there is no more UI library components in the library (see last photo)




thank you for your help

Could you tell me a name of a page where it’s going?
Container name too should be helpful.
Also, at last releases, we show only components with Ids in this block(earlier we show all components), so if you haven’t any component with Id, this panel might be hidden.

Regards, Dima.

Thank you very much, It was that. After I named a component, it appears. But it is strange the release was today? Anyway I can continue. Thank you again

Not sure about that, if I remember right that was a few weeks ago.
Let me know if info about when that was changed is important for you.

Happy to help.

No, it is not. Thanks. Have a great day