Component already registered for another node!

Application ID: C74AF032-95DA-1CFA-FF06-482F08A67000

sdk.js:14 Component with uid: '41f88e4ed0287846975cb955d983ea78' already registered for another node!
sdk.js:14 Component with uid: '41f8edcdcbf8ab711711fbf8c5f811fb' already registered for another node!
sdk.js:14 Component with uid: 'bbc8bf61a2a80bd8f018c6782a6ff6f1' already registered for another node!
[Violation] 'click' handler took 190ms

Problem description

I’m trying to develop my first app with UI Builder with more reusable components on multiple pages. I got lot of warnings in browser console output. What could be wrong?

Steps to reproduce

Open the page where I use any reusable component.

Hello @Martin_Krajcir1

Thank you for reporting this issue, however, I can not check it in your app because the trial period for the app has expired and the UI-Builder is not available anymore, could you. please try to reproduce the problem in a new app?

Regards, Vlad


I have encountered the same issue as @Martin_Krajcir1 .

To reproduce:

  • create a reusable component with some UI components included
  • duplicate the reusable component
  • create a page where both reusable components are loaded at the same time

Here is a sample output I have received:

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@vladimir-upirov can you please have a look at this issue again? Thank you.

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

Thanks for the steps. We created and internal ticket, BKNDLSS-28374, to investigate the issue. We’ll let you know about the fix in this thread.


The workaround I found was to duplicate the reusable component, then within the reusable component, duplicate every ui component, and then also duplicate the logic from the old ui components to the new ones, because it isn’t carried along. And then delete the old ui components.
It works, but on the whole, it’s not really an easy duplication :slight_smile:

If I may, what I suspect happens is that the reusable component is indeed duplicated, but in the process the uids of the ui components within are not replaced by new ones. This probably creates a duplicate when they are loaded on the same page.

Good day @Marina.Kan

I have encoutered the same issue, however mine lies within a nested dynamic list so the workaround given by @Nicolas_REMY would not be viable for my situation.

Has there been progress with the investigation.

Kind Regards,
Raymond Woodley

Hi @Raymond_Woodley

If the issue is only with the warning the answer is yes, we’ve found when the same reusable component is used several times on a page it shows the warning, but it doesn’t break any logic, it’s just a warning. It happens because a reusable component has its own static components structure with defined uids and it uses the same component’s tree context, that’s why you can see that warning. In the future, we are going to separate it into two independent contexts, but it requires more research.

Regards, Vlad