Configure service as webhook


I already implemented the Stripe Subscription and Customer creation using Custom Events. But now, i’m trying to receive some Subscription Events from Stripe Webhooks, but to call a Backendless API Service route from external we are obligated to pass three headers with application-id and secret-key and content-type headers with each request.

I’m using this documentation:

Unfortunately stripes webhooks aren’t allowed to configure any headers for stripe events. There is any solution to this? I think i can have to proxy the webhook with another service/rest api (e.g: webtask) to delegate stripe calls to my custom backendless hosted api service?

Best regards,
Wakim Jraige.

Hi Wakin,

The application-id and secret-key headers are obligatory. So yes, you may try to set up some proxy which will set them into the request.

Hi Wakim,

I’m attempting to solve a similar problem. I was wondering how your implementation went.


Hi Phil, my issue was resolved using a third party app to handle all webhook events and update Backendless data.

Only with Backendless i wasn’t able to implement this feature.

Thanks Wakim for you speedy response. Hope your development is going smoothly!