Confirm email when changing it

I know that there is a functionality to require email confirmation when registering, but I cannot find any way to require email confirmation when the user changes his email address in an existing account. For me, email confirmation is not just a question of preventing fake accounts in my app but also a way of making sure that the user has indeed entered his own email.

Hello Exodeveloper

Unfortunately we do not provide templates for changing email. You may write your custom code and use beforeUpdate handler in Users section in Business Logic.
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Ok, a trigger would be a good solution. Do you mean that there is an api to your email services so that I could write code that makes Backendless send an email? The main point here is just that, sending the email…

In your beforeUpdate for Users handler you may use code from messaging API. How to configure and implement it you may read in the following article of documentation. To select necessary language use drop-down in the right top corner of the page. Current platform - Android.

Regards Anton

I understand, but how do I generate the confirmation url that leads to the webpage with the input text fields? At registration, that url is generated by Backendless, right?

Backendless does not provide generating URL functionality for making some changes to users’ accounts, you may just notify them when their email is changed.

Regards Anton