"confirmation-confirmed" user registration email link custom page creation/editing

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Expected Behavior

After a user registers, they are sent the link to confirm their email. That page says “You can change this page.”

Where is that page located? The URL is :

https://backendlessappcontent.com/{App ID}/{Confirm ID}/files/web/system/index.html?page=confirmation-confirmed

But there are no pages to edit located at → “files/web/system”
Is it possible to link it to a page under → “files/ui-builder/containers/default”?
Thanks for the help!

Hi Ryan,

The page can be edited using UI Builder. To do that navigate to the FRONTEND section in Backendless console and select the “system” UI container. You will see several pages for various workflows.


Thanks Mark. I attempted to modify the system “confirmation-confirmed” page on the frontend UI editor. The edited page [https://develop.backendless.com/PilotsForChrist/ui-builder/system/pages/confirmation-confirmed] looks like this during editing and in the preview:

The page that comes up after clicking on the confirmation email link [https://backendlessappcontent.com/{App ID}/68F0369E-C754-4CA8-9075-E0526BAA1A3A/files/web/system/index.html?page=confirmation-confirmed] looks like this:

Any idea why it would be showing the original page and not the edited page?
The application ID is correct, but the address is slightly different. (files/web instead of ui-builder).
Thank you so much for taking a look at this. It has me stumped.

Hi @Ryan_Roberts

To apply these changes you must deploy the container. Open confirmation-confirmed template and click Publish the container button (upper left corner). Leave the default chosen system folder and press Apply. Refresh the page.

The edited page should be located at

Best Regards,

Thanks so much. That was such a rookie mistake.

Hey Guys,
could you give an update on the process. I found the “registration successful” page in the path below. But I don’t have the system folder in my frontend Ui builder.

Is it still possible to change the page in the Ui builder or do I have to code it myself?

thanks in advance

Hi @Torben_Murach !

Pages that you have found are not used anymore by apps which was created after 29.12.2020. We will remove them in some of our future releases.
Do edit your confirmation page you should folow steps which I have described here:

And do not forget to deploy your changes at the end :slight_smile:

Regards, Andriy

Hey Andriy,
thanks for the quick reply. Howerver I do not have the systems container in me frontend ui:

Could you please provide your App ID?



I have checked your app. It was created at 2020-11-27 so you need to edit this files directly without UI Builder.

Regards, Andriy

ok thanks