Confirmation email link not working anymore


For some reason, confirmation email links aren’t working anymore on our platform.
User’s get this page:

Application ID: E655DC15-398E-A358-FFC1-1D414D006C00


Hello @Innocent_Nwaukwa,

Could you please provide steps to reproduce this issue?

  1. User registers via registerUser endpoint call.
    a. Email is sent to user’s inbox with confirmation link.
  2. User clicks on link and gets redirected to the uploaded screen in the first post.
    a. User account is not verified, it just takes them to that page.

We have turned off the requirement to confirm emails until the issue is resolved so we can still have new users sign-up and use the application.

If you still have a sample email from when they were sent out, please forward it to me.

Just forwarded it your way.

Do you have a URL of the page the user is redirected to? The one you reference here:

The problem that I see is that the custom domain used in the link does not even point to Backendless. You need to have a CNAME DNS record pointing to


How do we set it to point to the appropriate page?

You can map your custom domain to a directory under /web/ on the Manage > App Settings > Custom Domains screen. However, for the domain to work, it must point to Backendless in your DNS settings (outside of Backendless).

As for the actual page used in the email confirmation workflow, please see the following documentation:


I’ve taken a look at our frontend UI and I can’t find a confirmation-page component like is noted in the documentation.
How would we get that created and also, we’ll probably want to delete that custom domain anyways so, how would we go about getting that link to point to the right page?



It looks like the “system” UI Container had been previously deleted.

It has been restored now and you should be able to use it.


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That did it.
Also got rid of the custom domain because the confirmation email kept using it as the base URL.
Thanks for the assist Mark!