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Confirmation email not being sent

I fear I messed with my App’s settings without knowing what I did. I tried to change the Email Settings to have the confirmation emails coming from a selected email. But when I did that I started getting a lot of “Message not sent” in my inbox. So I tried resetting to the original settings with Backendless:</img>

Now though I started seeing multiple accounts being added to my Data table that had their User Status on “EMAIL_CONFIRMATION” . So I tried to create an account my self and after 3 hours I still haven’t got any confirmation email.

What might be wrong since I’m using default settings?

We had a brief outage with our mail server on Thursday this week, however, it is working fine now. Could you please check if the problem is still happening?


Ah, I understand.
It’s all working fine now! Thanks.

I’m not receiving email confirmation. Could there be an issue with mail server this afternoon?


please let me know your app id and an email address where you believe email confirmation should’ve been sent to?