Confirmation Email Template

How do I generate a confirmation URL for a confirmation Email Template? When I send a test email I don’t see a URL

Hello @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann ,

Just register the user with your email and you will see the confirmation URL. You are not able to change the way how URL looks like. If you want to see your domain instead of our domain in confirmation URL, you should add a custom domain Custom Domain - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation .

If the way I have suggested does not work for you, you are able to create before user register event handler and send an email with your confirmation scenario. But this way requires more effort.

In place of an actual URL that I can click am seeing “{confirmation_url}” in the email

Hello @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann

Please provide us with your APP ID.


In a test mail, only the url placeholder is shown. The real confirmation email contains the link.

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