Confirmation emails not being sent

Confirmation emails are not being sent after sign up or on api call. Works fine when clicking the send test email button on the email template page.

App ID:

I checked the emails sent to that address and the last time it was done was 7 days ago:

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Could you look into issues with the emails not being sent. I definitely have been trying to call the resendConfirmationAPI today.

Did you configure your own SMTP server in Backendless?

Yes. Using SendGrid

There should be a log file in the /logging directory of your app’s file storage. The file will contain information about any errors we encountered when communicating with sendgrid. Could you please check the file and see if there is any useful information there?

Not sure why, but sendgrid settings will not go through.

I keep getting this error.

Username and Password are not accepted. Message from smtp server: 535 Authentication failed: The provided authorization grant is invalid, expired, or revoked.

I can use the username and password correctly through Telnet, but not through the Backendless console.

Hello @jp19344

Most likely you have incorrectly configured mailgun account

sandbox3d… is not allowed to send: Sandbox subdomains are for test purposes only. Please add your own domain or add the address to authorized recipients in Account Settings.


I’m trying to switch to Sendgrid, but it won’t let me save. The test button spits out an error. See above. I can send emails through Sendgrid through Telnet, but not through the Backendless console