Confirmation url

How can I set the confirmation Url for Email confirmation template ?

The confirmation URL is generated specifically for the “Confirmation Template”. If you need to have the same behavior for a custom template, you’d need to generate your own confirmation URL. Another user tried to do something similarly. You can see the suppport topic here:

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No i’m talking about “Confirmation Template” not a custom template.
the "{confirmation_url} " should be replaced with a Url link when user receive the email, but this doesn’t happen, the user receive it "{confirmation_url} ".

What is your application ID?

App Id: 5FB0EA72-A363-4451-FFA5-A56F031D6600

I just registered myself and got the expected link:

Hey @mark-piller, how can we get our confirmation URL to look more similar to the one in your picture? At the moment ours is very, very long and it messes up with the formatting of our email.

Hi Juan,

You could open the source for the confirmation template:

And edit it like this:

This will hide the long and ugly URL. Make sure to click the SAVE button to save the email template:


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