Confused trying to setup Make/Integromat integration with Hubspot


I am trying to setup a first integration with Hubspot, using Make/Integromat.

It’s the second time that I try Integromat/Make, but I still can’t manage to get things to work.

The connection to Backendless seems OK.

I can’t really understand what “Select or Enter Manually” means.

If I choose “Select”, it doesn’t show all fields, and I get an error about the Point data type.

If I choose “Enter Manually”, then I am faced with choosing “Map” or not.

If I do, then there is only a blank field. I have no clue what it is expecting.

If I don’t then I have to map fields together. OK, fine.
Except when I try to, then there is no way for the OK button at the bottom right to activate.
Here is an example trying to just copy one single field (note the grey OK button). Something must be missing, but what ?

I can’t find a way out and would appreciate any pointers. Thanks for your help.


Just as a clarification about this issue : I have read through the procedure on page

but it just states that “Once the connection is made, it will be validated automatically by Make and you will have access to your data tables, file folders, and other items in your Backendless app to be able to start creating your workflow!”

My question is about what happens next, and I have not found any doc about this.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

Let me clarify some points to better understanding the problem.
Are you trying to integrate Backendless with Hubspot using Integromat?
Which integration do you select when creating a new scenario?
Please provide us with steps on how we can reproduce the problem. Since I have not been able to reproduce the problem when selecting integration with Backendless. If you think the connection to Backendless is fine, perhaps the problem is related to Hubspot and it is better to clarify it there.


Hi Marina,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am trying to synchronize data between Hubspot and Backendless.

For instance, I am trying to reflect any newly created company in Hubspot in a specific table in Backendless. As you can see the Hubspot connection is fine and it does collect records correctly. The error seems to happen on the Backendless module.

Here is the first module in Make, in order to reproduce.

As for the details regarding the Backendless module, they are those above.

So, just to be clear, it’s really not complicated :

  • step 1 = create a scenario
  • step 2 = add the Hubspot module as the first module
  • step 3 = add the Backendless module as the second module

Could it be the “Point” data type causing an issue ?

Anyhow, here is my App Id : D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200.

Yes, it could be.

Can you open real time logging and trigger this error? What you see?