When i want to use real time database service, backendless console shows me an error that say "connect ECONNREFUSED, how can i a resolve this problem?

Are you running Backendless locally?

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No, im not using Backendless Pro. I just initalize & create listener in my android app. Then i want to trigger that events(create, updated), it doesnt work. In my backendless console, in the table that i want to trigger events,show this message “connect ECONNREFUSED”

What is your application ID?
Also, could you please attach a screenshot of the entire screen showing the error message?



This is my application ID: 163F63D8-0001-BDBB-FF86-1C1487925F00
& this is the message: error

Please attach a screenshot of the entire screen.

Okay, this

Thank you. I was able to reproduce the problem. I have opened an internal ticket for the product team to investigate the issue further.


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I will awating for the solution:(.

Thanks Mark

Hi @Dylan_Grijalva

Issue has been fixed, please verify.


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Thanks, it works!:smile: