Connect to Firestore

I am thinking to switch to Backendless from Firestore, but I already have my backend set up there. I want to know whether there is any method that would transfer my Firestore data to Backendless, or Backendless can connects to my Firestore and stores the data there?

Hello @raja_b,

Everything depends on your Data Schema in your app.
You need to export data from Firestorm, cast this data to Backendless format and import it to your Backendless app. I can suggest using importing data as .csv files to Backendless.
More information about Data import can be found in this documentation.


Thank you for the response.
This solves my one problem of copying my existing data to Backendless, what about the new data that will be stored in my Firebase(already connected to a working website).
Is there any method through which Backendless can connect to the Firebase, and store real-time data there, or vice versa?

How about Handlers, Events and Listeners?
E.g. database changes can be handled using Event Handlers and you can pass them to your Firestore db.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide information about handling data changes in firebase. Maybe there’s also a way to pass new data to Backendless using custom API.