Connection is not private


I can’t open my frontend…

and when i try to open my app I get this message in chrome

Hi @Nikola_Vojinovic

How can we reproduce the issue?
Do you know what/where the…com domain come from?


That is our domain, what can be issue with it? I don t know how to reproduce problem, i can’t open frontend, can’t use cloud code…

ok, could you please provide your appId and specify what I can open/run to see the issue

Try to open frontend and preview any page…

Respected @vladimir-upirov I am Nikola’s colleague. I think the problem is outdated certificate. I believe that backendless should regenerate a new one for our domain. Our last certificate update was done last year in June by @Marian_Koreniuk

Hi @Aleksandar_Dukovic

Yes, that’s it, thanks

I’ll create a request to our DevOps team to fix that

Hello, @Aleksandar_Dukovic

Сertificate, updated. Please check do you have the correct certificate now displayed.

Hey @Marian_Koreniuk

we tried and everything works like a charm. Thank You very much.

Best regards