Connection Reset Error in Code Runner

Hi, starting yesterday I’m getting a lot of errors similar to the one below when debugging with Coderunner. Calls from the client never return and the service is unreachable even after it says the connection is restored. I have no idea if the error is occurring on the server, or locally. My internet connection seems pretty stable, and nothing else is throwing errors. Is there any way this is being caused locally? Thank you!

Edit: actually client calls to the service do eventually fail with 504 (Gateway timeout) errors

14:56:19.587 read ECONNRESET
14:56:19.589 Redis: will try to reconnect in: 0.5 seconds
14:56:20.282 Connection with Redis has been restored

Hello @Kelly_Oglesby!

Are you still having these kinds of issues?


Hi Alexander,

Yes, as of 21:00 Sep 24, still happening.

Kelly O

Hi Kelly,

Could you please provide more information about the problem? Specifically, the following would be helpful to know:

  1. Does the problem occur only when you debug code or during the deployment as well?
  2. Does the problem happen right away or some time into the process?
  3. Did you notice if the problem happens with any deployment model (small or large)?


Hi Mark,

It’s happening in debug mode on a service that has never been deployed, as yet. The service registers without error, and works without errors, until it doesn’t. The timing shows no obvious pattern - sometimes it fails on the first call from my client to the service, sometimes it works fine for 10’s of minutes before failing. I can’t answer #3, but I can say that the service code is only a few hundred lines. I have other services that are not having any problems that I am aware of. I’m not ready to deploy yet, but I have a feeling the problem would go away if I did.

Below is a log of a failure that just happened (I changed the service name and end point names - all of the end points are different, it doesn’t matter which function is called, they all fail randomly) - this call failed with a 504 error on the client. The ECONNRESET occurs immediately upon calling a service function using the javascript SDK. Just FYI, this is a minor annoyance, and certainly NOT critical. I’ll update when I deploy and let you know if it goes away.

Thank you!

app id = 8149FCCE-07DA-F988-FFBB-6154872C9500

09:04:13.149 Connection to Redis...
09:04:13.437 Registering Code Runner on
09:04:14.247 Runner successfully registered.
09:04:14.248 Registering Model on
09:04:17.366 Model successfully registered
09:04:17.366 Waiting for Server Code tasks..
09:04:38.258 [3AC0846B-0B1A-BCA1-FFDF-0231511E5700] New task arrived!
09:04:38.268 [3AC0846B-0B1A-BCA1-FFDF-0231511E5700] [INVOKE SERVICE] services.private.private
09:04:39.139 [3AC0846B-0B1A-BCA1-FFDF-0231511E5700] Processing finished
09:04:39.853 [9436FD64-0C66-F189-FFE4-5477E705FA00] New task arrived!
09:04:39.853 [9436FD64-0C66-F189-FFE4-5477E705FA00] [INVOKE SERVICE] services.private.private
09:04:41.392 [9436FD64-0C66-F189-FFE4-5477E705FA00] Processing finished
10:37:13.681 [1E3C70F9-EF10-1EFC-FF29-323958F99400] New task arrived!
10:37:13.690 [1E3C70F9-EF10-1EFC-FF29-323958F99400] [INVOKE SERVICE] services.private.private
10:37:14.875 [1E3C70F9-EF10-1EFC-FF29-323958F99400] Processing finished
10:38:48.308 [D85AA673-C028-51BD-FFA4-4573312BCB00] New task arrived!
10:38:48.308 [D85AA673-C028-51BD-FFA4-4573312BCB00] [INVOKE SERVICE] services.private.private
10:38:49.647 [D85AA673-C028-51BD-FFA4-4573312BCB00] Processing finished
10:42:47.023 [F793C6C9-D7F4-99F1-FFE2-73C5FDDC4200] New task arrived!
10:42:47.024 [F793C6C9-D7F4-99F1-FFE2-73C5FDDC4200] [INVOKE SERVICE] services.private.private
10:42:48.251 [F793C6C9-D7F4-99F1-FFE2-73C5FDDC4200] Processing finished
10:48:56.457 read ECONNRESET
10:48:56.458 Redis: will try to reconnect in: 0.5 seconds
10:49:02.223 Connection with Redis has been restored

In my original problem statement, I said “Calls from the client never return and the service is unreachable even after it says the connection is restored.” Both of those things were wrong. The client eventually receives a 504 error, and the service IS reachable after the “has been restored” message.