Connections to git always refused


I am trying to use the git capabilities of backendless for a demo webpage, however I cannot either clone the existing repo or push to the remote from my local repository.

git remote add backendless ''
git push -u backendless --all

At time to push it always fails saying Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused and if I do not use https it just says the repository is not found (the documentation was inconsistent regarding https or http).

I tried to use my credentials within the URL, to use the git config file to setup the credentials and I had no success. I also hesitate on whether my username is either the name I provided with spaces or the email address, but in does not work in any case.

Until now I followed the official documentation guide, and I checked in the forums previous git issues:

Any help to configure and use git will be greatly appreciated, it also would be nice to use and configure git ssh keys rather than plain credentials, but I couldn’t find any documentation for it.


I reproduced the issue and created a ticket (BKNDLSS-20767). As status changes, we will report additionally in this topic.