Consistent error 3003

I am trying to test the Codeless Login User with my app. I consistently receive error 3003. I have deleted and recreated the user. I have traced the values being transmitted. All appears fine but the 3003 persists.

Could you please create a test user account for us so we can try duplicating the error?

Also, please let us know your application ID.


App ID DEC6B808-645B-7B62-FF97-8D7C3B617700

Thanks, Richard. What’s the password?


I just tried using the Login API and did not get any errors. Here’s a video where you can see the API in action, including the Network request/response:

Try doing the same functions using the Login Page within the app.
Can the problem be that the Login page logic is missing some functionality? It looks straightforward…collect the credentials, pass them to the LOGIN function, return the result.

Is it our built-in page (included with UI Builder) or have you made some changes to it?

slight changes for tracing purposes

The problem is right here - you’re converting to text/string what’s already a text/string value. As a result, the values for username and password are being wrapped into additional quotes.
UI Builder - default - GPR_LP - Backendless 2023-10-30 20-47-30

Subsequently, the payload for the Login API looks like this and that’s what causes the user authentication to fail:
Backendless Application 2023-10-30 20-49-14

Thats funny because earlier I received a message indicating that the UID and/or PSW were not text, so I added these blocks to compensate. Thank you for the catch.