Console Counter No Response

Counter Page not loading.

Full Outage Now

Hello @Pranav_Patel ,

We are aware of the issue. Our team is working on it right now. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Regards, Nazar


Firstly, I’ve been using Backendless for about 18 months now I think and love what you guys have built.

Lately, there’s been quite a few moments/days when there are outages or performance issues. I was just wondering if there’s a reason.

Is it just one of those things which understandably happens with servers or have you guys been working on updates/bugs/etc that may be causing these issues?

Genuinely just curious.


Hello @Hezzron_Austin ,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we try to minimize the number of such cases.

Regards, Nazar

hello @Hezzron_Austin

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Most of the time when an outage happens it is because something goes wrong with the servers. We doing our best to have high availability. We haven’t any part in a single instance. But sometimes when something breaks it does not switch over automatically, that is why it takes time to do it manually. Our DevOps team works hard to get automation all over.

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Still the counters section is not available to me.

hello @Pranav_Patel

what is your application id?

Application ID : 55F928E7-9D6E-937F-FF72-80924AE09B00

Hello @Pranav_Patel

I was able to reproduce the issue, and I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-29662 to fix it. As a workaround, you can use API routes to manage counters.

Ok, I understand. Thank you for the explanation

Still not resolved

I am still waiting guys! Please look into it.

The ticket was assigned on the developer. He will write here about the progress.

Could someone please provide estimated time for resolution of this issue?

Hi @Pranav_Patel

The ticket has a critical priority, so it will be fixed as soon as possible

Ok. Thanks.

Please note that I am getting a different error message now. Now I see this.

Hi @Pranav_Patel,

the error is the same, we just proxy it to clientside now.
As for estimation, I can’t provide the exact time. The ticket has a critical priority and once our developers reach it, they will fix it.
For now as a workaround you can use API for working with counters, the API is working, so you can manage counters using it if this is a very urgent need.