Console data in wrong columns

I’ve noticed that often the data in my console appears in the wrong columns:</img>

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the data that is supposed to appear in spiritEmoji is appearing under fullName (which is incorrect). Also, the data displaying in spiritEmoji (which is a String) is from a different column (that is a relation type data).

We have seen this problem, but cannot reliably reproduce it. Do you happen to have steps to reproduce?

Not really sure what the steps would be; it’s just happened consistently while building this app.

If you clear browser’s local storage for, it will restore.

That seems to fix it. Thanks

I am getting the same problem. I tried to clear the local storage and I tried logging in using private browsing in chrome and I am getting the same issue. See attached file.

I followed these steps to clear chrome’s local storage.

I am not sure what is wrong with a data on your screenshot. What is the problem?

The styleTitle is of type string but as you can see it is displaying a relationship to a user. The RetailerPage.trending is a child of but for some reason it is displaying a type string.

It is different issue from the current topic. Please create new topic and provide your application id there