Console data in wrong columns

Many time, data in the console appears in the wrong column. This happens very randomly but it happens much more often than I would like. See attached image.
The styleTitle is of type string but as you can see it is displaying a relationship to a user. The RetailerPage.trending is a child of but for some reason it is displaying a type string.
App ID: EE02B9EA-0271-5A5C-FFFA-206C38070700

Hi Nevin

I have created an internal ticket (12912) for this issue

Thanks for the report

When do you think this issue will be resolved?

You have two ‘retailer’ columns in ‘StyleItem’ table which makes console app to work incorrectly
This is not a normal situation when you have two same named columns in a table.
We will work on adding a restriction to prevent such situation in future
To get console works correctly please rename your columns to have unique names within a table
After renaming I think you will need to clear your localStorage

Perfect. That fixed it. Thanks.